supporters for fedemac events 2023 tallinn, estonia

Name of the project:
General Assembly (GA) & Young Movers Conference (YMC) 2023

Description of the project: 
The events are created for professional moving and relocation companies, industry associations & governing members, and day-to-day business partners & suppliers. The events are organized yearly around Europe, commonly from April - May.
This year General Assembly is held on May 3 - a day before YMC; the Young Movers Conference (May 4-May 7, 2023) lasts for 3 days, including seminars, meetings, presentations, informative speeches, innovations, discussions, professional training activities, and a lot of fun - welcome party, getting to know Tallinn in indoor & outdoor activities, exploring the nightlife and meeting the locals! Every year YMC ends with the Gala Dinner, which usually is held in a very special place. This year - Meremuuseum / Seaplane Harbour Museum
Since the launch of the first Young Movers European conference in 1991, Tallinn will be the 29th time the conference is held in one of the cities in Europe. 

Objective and results of the project: 
The primary purpose of GA is to review the motions and to discuss & decide on the future policy and actions of FEDEMAC (The European Movers Association).
The main goal for YMC is to create & expand the business network, improve existing business relationships, grow knowledge, learn and improve hard or soft skills, and share insights into the latest industry products, tools, and trends. Young Movers Conference is not only educational in a professional sense, it also gives an opportunity to explore new cities, countries, cultures, and people - this year - ESTONIA
And above all - the YMC fosters a community that attendees preserve throughout the year.

This year's event is represented by 180 participants from 29 countries!
GA attendees: FEDEMAC Board Members, National Moving Associations & Direct Affiliates, and invited experts & guests.
YMC attendees are representatives from professional moving and relocation companies, industry partners, and suppliers.

This project has received funding from the European Union European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Estonia in the amount of EUR 27 737.

European Regional Development Fund & Enterprise Estonia - Supporters of FEDEMAC General Assembly & Young Movers Conference 2023 Tallinn, Estonia