Welcome to FEDEMAC EVENTS 2024

Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence in the Heart of Malaga, Spain

In the heart of Malaga, Spain, we celebrate a remarkable milestone – the 30th Young Movers Conference (YMC). Join us for this momentous occasion, where industry leaders and young movers unite for three dynamic days of networking, inspiration, and fun. While YMC represents our future, it's just one part of the FEDEMAC EVENTS week.
Book your ticket for the FEDEMAC General Assembly - an annual gathering that shapes the direction of our industry. As we convene to shape policies and actions, we welcome National Associations, Direct Affiliates, and moving companies and suppliers who share our passion for excellence. 

Join us in Malaga as we celebrate 30 years of moving industry excellence and chart a course for the exciting years ahead!
Read below for more - networking, workshops, accommodations, activities, and other helpful event information!
See you in Malaga!

Your Accommodation & Conference Venue:
Hotel MS Amaragua, Torremolinos

Nestled on the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the Hotel MS Amaragua stands as an emblem of luxury, convenience, and authentic Andalusian charm. Every corner of this beautiful hotel promises breathtaking sea views.

Rooms & Amenities

Each room is a harmonious blend of modern comforts and local aesthetics, guaranteeing you waking up to the soothing sounds of the waves and magnificent views. Beyond the confines of your room, you'll find an enticing open pool beckoning you for a refreshing dip, gourmet restaurants serving the best of local cuisine, and a lively bar where memories are made over delightful drinks.

Conference Facilities

For our esteemed FEDEMAC EVENTS week participants, the Hotel MS Amaragua offers state-of-the-art conference rooms, perfect for private gatherings and larger assemblies. Each room embodies an authentic touch, fostering an environment conducive to creativity, collaboration, and fun. Rest assured, whether you're presenting, networking, or absorbing knowledge, these settings will enhance every moment.

Accessibility & Exploration

Positioned a mere 15 minutes from the airport, Hotel MS Amaragua ensures your transition from flight to comfort is hassle-free. While the events of FEDEMAC keep you engaged, don't miss the opportunity to explore the vibrant Torremolinos. For those eager to delve into a richer tapestry of history and modern allure, the bustling heart of Malaga is just a 25-minute drive away, making it the perfect escapade blending business with leisure.

🎉for the very first time🎉

fedemac events' speed-networking

For the first time in the history of FEDEMAC events, we are unveiling a dynamic speed-networking initiative in Malaga. As we roll this out during the FEDEMAC week on April 25, 2024, coinciding with the YMC Opening, we invite you to be part of this historic moment.
Dive deep into this innovative networking approach with us. Engage dynamically, be at the forefront of shaping FEDEMAC's networking future, and create memories that will stand the test of time.

The event

Date: 25th of April, 2024.
Highlight: Same day as YMC Opening
Special Treat: Attendees staying on for the YMC are invited to a special dinner evening on April 24, 2024.


Who Can Join? Attendees from both the General Assembly and the Young Movers Conference 2024.
Exclusivity: Speed networking cannot be accessed as a standalone event. It's a value-added experience for GA and YMC attendees.

The Experience

Session Length: 15-minute sessions.
Objective: Establish new relationships, kindle potential collaborations, and leave a lasting impact


april 24, 2024

Beyond its essential role in fulfilling legal obligations, the General Assembly presents a unique opportunity for us all to come together, engage in meaningful exchanges of viewpoints, and, most importantly, collectively contribute by submitting requests, suggestions, and the initiation of new projects that align with current industry trends to FEDEMAC.

FEDEMAC stands as the sole recognized European organization entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing national organizations, associations, and companies who aspire to become an integral part of the FEDEMAC family, even in cases where their respective countries lack national associations. This collective bond between associations represents the epitome of trans-European collaboration, offering mutual benefits to all members of each national organization.

As we approach this important gathering, let us remember the spirit of unity and cooperation that drives our shared mission forward. We eagerly await your valuable contributions and look forward to the collaborative synergy that this General Assembly promises.

Save the date

We're excited to announce our upcoming General Meeting in the stunning locale of Malaga. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 24th, and join us at the elegant Hotel MS Amaragua.

A City of Creativity

Malaga, known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, beckons with a delightful Mediterranean ambiance that inspires creativity and reflection. The city is a treasure trove of culture and entertainment, offering a rich tapestry of experiences for all who visit.

Unlock Success

Maintaining active relationships, growing your business, and staying updated are essential for relocation specialists. As an existing or potential member of FEDEMAC, you gain crucial resources for thriving in the removal and relocation sector.

Maintaining close ties with our industry friends and professional partners while seeking to establish new relationships is currently crucial. Commercial membership in FEDEMAC opens the doors to exclusive access to various events, including the FEDEMAC General Assembly (GA) and the Young Movers Conference (YMC). These opportunities will allow you to meet industry peers while staying informed about the latest trends and best practices within our ever-evolving field.

Get ready for an exciting agenda at our General Assembly! One key event on our agenda is the General Secretaries Meeting, scheduled for the afternoon. This meeting truly stands out during our assembly as a space where creativity knows no bounds and collaboration flourishes among National Associations and Direct Affiliates, regardless of their size, location, or history.

Your presence and insights are invaluable. Join us for this unique experience that promises inspiration and fruitful discussions. Don't miss this opportunity to contribute to our collective success!


Bodegas El Pimpi: A True Taste of Malaga

A revered institution, El Pimpi stands as Malaga's emblematic culinary and historical gem. Boasting an enchanting ambiance, its interiors are a mosaic of bullfighting posters, stone archways, and captivating Alcazaba views from its prime terrace. Though it celebrated its 50th birthday in 2021, its heart beats with age-old Malaga spirit, amplified by the touch of Antonio Banderas, a frequent visitor and part-owner. Dive into a curated menu of Malaga's best, accentuated by local wines, especially their signature sherry-style sweet varieties. As you indulge, find celebrity endorsements scattered around, a testament to El Pimpi's unparalleled allure. Join us for a memorable evening that captures the very essence of Malaga.


april 25-28, 2024

Step into a world of innovation, inspiration, and networking as we welcome you to the Young Movers Conference 2024. This year marks a significant milestone - our 30th conference edition, and we're thrilled to have you join us for this special occasion.

The Young Movers Conference has always been about forging connections, sharing insights, and empowering our industry's next generation of movers and shakers. Over the years, it has evolved into a dynamic platform where young professionals and industry leaders come together to learn, collaborate, and chart the future of the moving and relocation sector.

As we gather in the vibrant city of Malaga, Spain, you can look forward to three days filled with exciting opportunities. From engaging discussions and workshops to networking sessions and social events, we've curated a program that promises both -  personal and professional growth.
Join us as we celebrate our 30-year journey and embark on a new chapter of innovation and excellence. The Young Movers Conference 2024 is not just an event; it's an experience, and we're excited to share it with you.

Networking Opportunities

YMC provides a vibrant platform for young professionals in the moving and relocation industry to connect, build relationships, and expand their professional networks. Attendees have the chance to interact with peers, industry veterans, and potential collaborators, fostering valuable connections for their careers.

Educational Content

YMC offers a rich program of educational content, including workshops, panel discussions, and presentations. These sessions cover a wide range of topics relevant to the industry, from emerging trends and technologies to best practices and strategies for success. Attendees can gain insights, knowledge, and skills that are essential for personal and professional growth.

Cultural Experiences

Beyond the educational and networking aspects, YMC often includes social and cultural experiences that allow participants to explore the host city's culture, heritage, and local attractions. These activities provide a well-rounded experience, promoting a sense of community among attendees and offering opportunities for relaxation and fun.

ymc 2024 speakers


Guest Speaker of YMC 2024 - Kristians Licis


Dive into the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence in the moving and relocation industry with Kristians Licis, a seasoned entrepreneur and AI advocate from Latvia. His session will bridge the gap between AI technology and practical applications, tailored for both AI novices and seasoned professionals. By illustrating the current landscape of AI, including tools like ChatGPT, Kristians aims to make AI an accessible and indispensable tool for enhancing customer service and daily operations.

The heart of the session lies in an interactive workshop designed to put AI's potential at your fingertips. Participants will engage in hands-on activities, from crafting multilingual customer emails to generating compelling social media content and brainstorming innovative advertising campaigns. This approach guarantees that attendees will leave with not just theoretical knowledge, but practical skills ready for immediate application in their businesses.

Kristians Licis's journey from building and selling successful businesses to empowering over 2,000 small business owners with AI tools underscores the session's value. His expertise in leveraging AI for marketing, efficiency, and productivity enhancement makes this session a must-attend for those looking to steer their businesses toward growth and innovation in an AI-driven era.


Platinum Sponsor - Rob van Steensel - Share Logistics


Join Rob van Steensel, a luminary in the forwarding and logistics industry with over four decades of experience, for an insightful presentation on the intricacies of sea freight logistics and long-term freights across Europe. As one of the pioneering founders of the Ocean Shipping Association (OSA) and a guiding force at Share Logistics, Rob brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Young Movers Conference.

In his session, Rob will delve into the evolving landscape of sea-freight logistics, offering valuable perspectives on managing long-term freights and navigating the challenges of the European and global moving industry. His insights are grounded in a profound understanding of the industry's compliance and logistics issues, making this presentation indispensable for professionals seeking to enhance their operational strategies and foresight.

As a standing commercial partner of FEDEMAC and a passionate supporter of the YMC, Rob and Share Logistics are committed to empowering the next generation of moving industry professionals. Their sponsorship of YMC 2024 underlines a deep-seated belief in nurturing talent and knowledge within the industry, with a vision of shaping future heroes who will lead the moving industry towards a prosperous and innovative future.

currencies direct - 
robbie lightfoot

Save your clients money and generate additional revenue for your business

Robbie Lightfoot, working for Currencies Direct, specialises in fostering partnerships within the removal/relocation industry along with his colleague, Mark Bonard, who is also in attendance at the YMC. Having relocated from Australia to the UK and joining Currencies Direct in September 2021, Robbie understands the challenges of moving. He has thoroughly enjoyed cultivating relationships with removal companies throughout Europe and eagerly anticipates expanding upon these and establishing new ones over the course of the event.

The Currencies Direct presentation will focus on some of the primary challenges confronting the industry and why it is more crucial than ever for companies to enhance their overall client offering and generate additional sources of revenue. This is an area where Robbie believes they can provide significant value and are already doing so with several FEDEMAC members today. Currencies Direct are proud members of FEDEMAC and are looking forward to attending their first official event.


On Saturday, 27.04.2024, YMC participants will have the unique opportunity to tailor their Andalusian experience. As Malaga unveils its secrets, you must make a choice. Will you retrace the historical pathways of Malaga's heritage, crowned with a gourmet lunch at the iconic Bodegas El Pimpi? Perhaps you're drawn to the art of Spanish cooking, eager to craft iconic dishes with an inclusive touch for our vegan friends. Or will you step into the untouched allure of a family-run winery, where four decades of tradition echo amidst rows of aromatic grapevines like Merlot and Syrah, with nature's chorus as your background tune? As part of your registration, choose the experience that speaks to you most, and let Malaga weave its authentic magic around you.

Savor the Essence of Spanish Cuisine!

Dive into the vibrant world of Spanish gastronomy at our exclusive cooking school event. Picture this: three kitchen stations, each helmed by a dedicated chef and their trusty assistant, ready to guide you in crafting iconic Spanish dishes. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast or a casual food lover, this is your chance to get hands-on, gather treasured cooking insights, and ask those burning kitchen questions. And the cherry on top? Once the cooking's done, we all come together to feast on our delightful creations. And vegans, we've got a special station just for you!

Ready to wear the chef's hat? Let's cook up some memories!

Activity provided by: La Mesa Málaga
Supported by Currencies Direct

Currencies Direct - Diamond+ Sponsor

Málaga Through Local Eyes!
fully booked

Join us for a relaxed 2-hour stroll through Málaga's charming streets. We're diving deep into traditions and tales, but not with a typical tourist spin. Think of it as exploring the city with an old friend, sharing stories and sneaking in some tasty local treats along the way. Our journey concludes at the famous Bodegas El Pimpi, right in the heart of Málaga.

Ready for some genuine fun? Your Málaga adventure starts now!

Activity provided by: Isabel Martín

A True Taste of Andalusian Wine Country!
fully booked

Venture 40 minutes into Andalusia’s heartland, arriving at a pristine village painted entirely in white. Wander organic vineyards nestled between lemon and orange groves, cultivating renowned varieties like Merlot and Syrah. This isn't your typical winery. It's a family legacy, crafting genuine wines for over 40 years. Dive deep into the cellar's secrets before indulging in a curated wine tasting paired with rich tapas and homemade paella. Stunning views, exceptional wines, and a hint of wine expertise await.
Ready to uncork the experience? 🍷

Activity provided by: White Houses Tours
Supported by: Nedrac, Inc.

Nedrac, Inc - Diamond Sponsor


Step into the heart of Andalusia for the YMC Gala Dinner at the captivating Cortijo de Cortes. Located within the coveted "Golden Mile" of the Costa del Sol, this venue promises an evening that harmonizes Spain's rich traditions with modern luxury. 

Beyond its scenic allure, Cortijo de Cortes stands as a testament to heritage and tradition. Whether you're sipping wine beneath the starlit sky, immersed in the melodies of Spanish guitar, or savoring the region's finest delicacies in the opulent Salón del Príncipe or Salón del Cortijo, every moment here is curated to perfection.

Historic Elegance

Acquired and lovingly restored by D. Fernando López Liñán in 1979, the Cortijo is designed around a central courtyard, echoing the architectural beauty of traditional Andalusian haciendas.

Stunning Environments

From the jasmine-scented Patio de los Naranjos to the romantic Patio del Sr. Liñán and the elevated Patio del Maestro overseeing the bullring, each space offers a unique ambiance that ensures an unforgettable experience.


Beyond the luxurious surroundings, await equestrian performances and the soul-stirring art of Flamenco, encompassing the vibrant spirit of Andalusian culture.