Terms and Conditions


The following are the terms and conditions by which we accept your booking for accommodation, activities and / or sponsorship of the FEDEMAC Events at Radisson Collection Hotel, Tallinn and all other venues in the area of Tallinn and Estonia and for attendance at the FEDEMAC General Assembly and / or Young Movers Conference 2023 (FEDEMAC events) during May 2023. You must read and fully understand these conditions before making a booking and/or entering into an agreement for sponsorship.

The organizer of this event is “FEDEMAC EVENTS” LLC. These terms and conditions apply to all levels or types of booking with “FEDEMAC EVENTS” LLC for these events – for both accommodation and / or sponsorship.


This event is open to removal companies and their employees over 18 years old and approved partners only.

It is a private function and acceptance of registration is at the absolute discretion of the organizers. The organizers may, at their absolute discretion, and without explanation refuse, cancel a registration / sponsorship and make a relevant refund only for sponsorship and/or registration fee prior to the event. No other charges and/or costs are refundable.

All bookings and sponsorships are taken on a first come first served basis and are subject to availability of rooms and facilities. The organizers hold a block booking for a set number of rooms, once the event nears this capacity the organizers will advertise this on the FEDEMAC EVENTS website and other appropriate electronic media, once the capacity has been reached additional rooms are subject to hotel availability and may be subject to additional charges.

The organizers will make available packages for delegates to book. Only these packages are available and “special” arrangements will not be made.

1.     Online Booking
Bookings can only be made online, on the dedicated FEDEMAC EVENTS conference booking system Should you experience any problems using the system, please e-mail team@fedemac.events or call +371 29170033

2.     Registration and Payments

3.     Payment Terms – All bookings must be paid in full, within five working days.

4.     Check-in procedure – To ensure quick and efficient group check in, we offer you the option to provide us with your Passport or ID number, Date of its issue, Date of its expiry, Birthdate, Nationality. Should you decide not to provide such data or the data is incomplete and / or inaccurate, please be prepared for a longer check-in process.


6.     Cancellations: In all cases to be notified by e-mail to team@fedemac.events by the date stipulated below:(i)

6.1.     Cancellations received by 26th March 2023 @ 12:00 CET = 50% refund (subject to administration fee),

6.2.     Cancellations received after 26th March 2023 = No refund will be made.

6.3.     In all cases, an administration fee of EUR 150 will be made in the event of an accepted cancellation.

7.     In the unlikely event that the organizer cancels the FEDEMAC Events conferences completely, which is at the absolute discretion of the organizer, you will be refunded 100% of all money paid under our invoice. In the event of cancellation by either party, or any other “force major” reason “FEDEMAC EVENTS” LLC will not be liable for any consequential costs or losses, including but not limited to pre-booked travel.

8.     After payment received in full, any changes including but not limited to changes of names, outdoor activities, etc. can be accepted or rejected only with written confirmation from organizers and might be subject to additional charges.

9.     Substitute: Should you be unable to attend the event after booking, a substitute is welcome at no extra charge. All substitutes should be communicated to the organizer by email to team@fedemac.events at least 21 (twenty one) day prior to the event. Please note: There may not be updated information in a printed material.

10.  Late Arrivals: If the participant knows that he will have a late check-in, he should inform organizers. No refund will be entertained for non-arrival on the notified date of arrival or any subsequent date of your stay.

11.  Early Departures: In common with most Estonian hotels there is no refund available should you check out before your notified date of departure.

12.  Extended Stay: If you decide to arrive earlier or stay later then please email details to team@fedemac.events Accommodation for additional nights is strictly subject to availability and will be chargeable at the hotel rate in force at the time of booking. On receipt of an inquiry, the organizer will check availability and rates and confirm back to you.

13.  IMPORTANT NOTE – HOTEL BEDROOMS Hotel check-in / check-out times Check-in is 15:00
Check-out is 12:00

14.  Force Majeure
When we use this term in the conditions it means any unusual or unforeseen circumstances which are beyond our control.
This may include war, a threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions or other circumstances amounting to force majeure.

15.  Changes to the Program
In constructing the FEDEMAC events 2023, certain arrangements have been entered into with suppliers in advance of the publication of this brochure or webpage. Whilst every effort will be made to deliver the itinerary for the conference and its social events as it appears in these publications, in the unlikely event that the organizer considers through whatever reason including force majeure to change the destination, hotel and or program the organizer strictly reserves the right to change, amend or cancel any specific event without notice. In this case, every effort will be made to provide a substitute destination or event although the organizer is NOT liable for any such curtailment, cancellation, or substitution as it may affect you directly. You are advised to check the notice board and or the conference website www.youngmovers.eu at the Hospitality Desk daily for any last minute changes to the program.

16.  Passports and Visas
You are responsible for checking your passport and visa requirements to attend the FEDEMAC events 2023. Should a problem occur on entry to Estonia or on an application for a visa to visit, the organizer will be unable to provide assistance.

17.  Delegate Travel Insurance
We strongly recommend the need for good travel insurance. In general, this form of insurance provides cover for sickness and illness, cancellation, loss of property etc. and is NOT provided as part of your Registration Fee.

18.  Special Needs
It is incumbent upon you to notify us at the time of registration of any disability, dietary requirements or general condition that requires separate or special attention.

19.  Hotel Awards Points
The very nature of booking hotel accommodation for conferences requires the lowest possible rates to be negotiated with the hotel. This is at the cost of any award points or similar scheme that the hotel may offer normal Clients. Therefore there are no schemes available to individuals.

20.  Dress Code
There is no formal dress code for the event, however your attention is drawn to:
The final night dinner is not a formal wear dinner, however there is an expectation that you dress appropriately for the venue and the event.

21.  Badges / Other Identification
You are required to wear your badge (clearly visible) during ALL events – including social events – to enable us to identify you as a bonafide attendee. This will avoid any unnecessary embarrassment on entry to business and social events. Other Identification methods, such as hands brace might be provided during certain parts of the conference. You are required to wear those in order to have access to the specific venue / services.

22.  Sports / Entertainment activities
The Conference includes entertainment sections with sport / competition activities. It is your responsibility to consult a physician well in advance (both at the time of registration and your departure to the event) if such are appropriate for your physical condition. It is your responsibility to choose an adequate activity to your physical condition.

23.  Provision of Alcohol
Alcohol is provided at many of the social events on the basis that attendees will consume it sensibly. The organizer is not responsible for any adverse effect, injury, or damage to or by an attendee howsoever caused through the consumption of alcohol.

24.  Security warnings
At the time of registration at the hotel and/or during the event the organizers might provide you with reasonable instructions, regarding your security. You agree to carefully get acquainted and follow those instructions. You agree that if you fail to comply on the instance the organizers are not responsible for any adverse effect, injury, damage, or losses.

25.  In order to have your registration confirmed, you must sign, scan and send back to the organizers team@fedemac.events the relevant “Waiver of Liability and Release”

26.  Applicable Law
In the event of a dispute arising between participant/sponsor and the organizers which are unable to be resolved amicably between either or all parties concerned, these conditions shall be governed by LATVIAN Law and the parties to these conditions submit to the jurisdiction of the LATVIAN Courts. By registering you explicitly agree and approve the above Terms and Conditions.


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